Genesis of SRM

The Lord anointed SRM as a deliverance ministry in 1993, headquartered in Bangalore. Since then we work with the Lord to enlighten a world lost in the pride of their knowledge forsaking the eternal commandments of God for leading a righteous life to gain salvation in Jesus Christ. Our ministerial activities revolve around two core areas of evangelization and charity. The Lord has blessed us with outreaches on a national and international level and we conduct crusades and retreats frequently in India and abroad.

Our main focus apart from evangelization is to deliver people from captivity and bondage of their sins, and relational and generational curses through spiritual warfare with the Word of God. We have a network of branch operations across the country and abroad to accomplish this mission entrusted to us by the Lord. We reflect with gratitude and awe when the Lord touches thousands through us and to see smiles flashing gloriously across faces is our greatest achievement till date.


In 2006, through the most anointed Joseph Stanley, Lord lead SRM to the UK for preaching and spreading the Word of God across this country. Since then we worked closely with the catholic church under the spiritual guidance of Fr Joseph Xavier and had conducted many retreats, spiritual sharing sessions, preaching the importance of the intercession prayers.

All these years Lord has worked so many wonders through SRM and was able to bring  many lives back to God especially among the youth.  Holy Spirit has strengthen SRMUK  with a team dedicated to work for the kingdom of God to spread the Word of God.