The Perfect Gift.

I still remember the cold Christmas midnight mass in my village church in India. But what I remember the most is the misty morning after the mass, when all of us ran towards the mango tree next to the church with Christmas presents hanging down from the branches. Each at a cost of one rupee and wrapped in old newspapers. It was my first Christmas present bought to me by my grandfather, a small ink pen. The joy I felt was new. I was over the moon after receiving my first ever Christmas gift. However I failed to see a priceless gift already prepared for me before my birth. It was made at the altar inside that church. Little did I notice this miracle of a gift.

Before the birth of Jesus, prophet Isaiah said, “For a child has been born for us,
 son given to us” (Isaiah 9:6). And after a wait of several hundred years, the prophecy was fulfilled through God’s divine plan (John 3:16). Jesus Christ was God’s precious gift to us and Our loving God always gives us the best “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change” (James 1:17).

Throughout the Christmas season many have asked themselves, “what would I like for Christmas?” and many times I have asked my family and friends what they would want as a gift. However this was not the same when it came to God. His gift was an unsolicited gift. It wasn’t us who saw our need and asked God’s help but our blessed Father foresaw our need and sent His Son in order to save us from our sins. Most of all, this gift was unlimited in a world we live in today where the size of their pockets divides people. The rich purchases gifts from the places that can meet their status and the poor according to theirs. However when God gave His gift, Jesus Christ, He gave it for the whole world. No matter how poor or rich His gift satisfied everyone.

As we near Christmas day, we spent more and more time purchasing and wrapping so that in the end we may see the joy and appreciation for our efforts on the Christmas day. As sad as it is, one gift still remain unclaimed after a long period of sacrifice and expense. Can you imagine how sad the giver of that gift must feel knowing his gift is not wanted or accepted? The greatest and perfect gift of all; Jesus Christ.

Today the gift that God has given us so lovingly is not even touched or opened in many homes throughout the world. As we travel through this Advent let us search for the gift our loving Father has given to us and open our hearts in accepting it. Jesus Christ is still unclaimed by millions and as Christians let us live this advent as true followers of Jesus in order to help our brother and sisters who are yet to acknowledge Jesus may come to the truth in spirit and through our prayers.

Let us pray…

Our loving Father we thank you for loving us endlessly that you gave us your only son our lord Jesus Christ in order to redeem us. Help us Jesus to live everyday of our Christian life to inspire those around us to come to know the truth and to be a humble servant for you. In Jesus name Amen.

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