Leaving Bethlehem 

 Sheep were fast asleep and we chattered in the little light provided by the moon.Suddenly we saw a light like we’ve never seen before, and there stood an angel of God almighty announcing to us the birth of Christ.

 Leaving a shepherd behind to keep guard of the sheep, we began the journey to Bethlehem to witness the good news. It was a busy town, the streets were crowded and the inns were full, yet we managed to find Mary and Joseph inside a stable.

 It was a usual wintertime for us, however something unusual appeared in the night sky. It was a star, brighter and sharper than any others in the sky. With great excitement we searched through our scribes and confirmed it was the star that would guide us to the king of the Jews.

 We began our journey following the star that was moving ahead of us. When we reached Jerusalem, we stopped by at Herod’s palace to enquire about the newborn king but it seems he was displeased with this news however he seems very eager to meet this child once we had found him.  Leaving Jerusalem we headed towards Bethlehem following the star and arrived at the place where the star had stopped. And on coming to the house, we saw the child and his mother.

 These men were made aware of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and hurried off eagerly to witness the newborn king and must have felt blessed for such an event to take place in their lifetime. But what happened to them after leaving Bethlehem? What should happen to us after witnessing one more Christmas?

 The bible says “The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told” (Luke 2:20).

 The shepherds who came to see baby Jesus would have went back to their work. However they were changed men after leaving Bethlehem, God had filled them with faith, hope and love through Jesus Christ and they shared these with people they have encountered throughout the rest of their lives. These uneducated men shared the story through their simple words, praising and worshiping God. We too are called by God to witness and share what God has done for us through Jesus Christ in our lives. After every Christmas, God returns us back to our families, friends, work places, schools and universities to share this glorious gospel. As for the shepherds, the message they shared with their families, friends and whoever came to them still echoes around this world by the souls they have saved.

 As for the wise men that left Bethlehem, the bible says “And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they returned to their country by another route” (Matthew 2:12).

 The wise men upon leaving Bethlehem, Obeyed God rather than men (King Herod) by acting upon the warning provided by God in their dreams and changing the direction of their journey. These wise men did not know the purpose and mission of Christ our Lord are to be taken later on His life but how blessed are we to celebrate Christmas, knowing this child will become our savior. It is important to obey God rather than men in order to become an instrument of God. By acknowledging our sins and walking towards the path that God has prepared for us we may near one step more in becoming the desired instrument in God’s plan. For we too like the wise men should witness Christ this Christmas in spirit.

Let us pray

 Lord, you have chosen both the uneducated and wise to witness the birth of Christ alike. Help us this Christmas to truly witness the birth of Christ within us.  Mother Mary pray for us and let your presence be filled within our homes as we come to worship and glorify your son, Jesus Christ this Christmas. Amen.

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